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Clearing & Forwarding Agents at all Major ports and ICD's in India.

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VISHWAS, the saga of global corporate, born out of sheer vision, is what sums up the corporate history of the Vishwas Shipping. The ball was set rolling with the enterprises exporting and importing goods from and to India.

Our clients are major players in their respective fields like Engineering, Chemicals, Plastics, Food Products, Handicrafts, Electronics, Textiles, Machinery- Project Cargo, & Miscellaneous Products identifying with this sector the company earnestly set about seeking to build a niche in this particular logistic sector of export and Import cargo handling. It invested in expertise and people to complement its growth plan. It steadily built up operational bases across vital business hubs in India.

VISHWAS - is an International Logistics, Freight Forwarding, Consolidation and Custom Clearance Company having strong presence in this field for over three years.

VISHWAS - meant for process of planning, implementing and controlling the efficient and effective flow of goods, services and related information from point of origin to point of consumption. In another words “it is one stop Solutions for all kinds of Logistic needs."

VISHWAS have entered into this growing and competitive industry in the year 2005, with only a handful of clients. Through sheer determination, hard work and, most importantly, the confidence shown by our clients, today VISHWAS successfully manage a large client portfolio, across the country and Overseas. Our service portfolio is created with the customers in mind.

At VISHWAS we are constantly evolving so are our services. In fact, it is a challenge that we undertake daily. Today, we have created a global footprint and are constantly refining our suite of services to cater to business houses of all sizes and ensure a logistic experience that is consistent and solutions driven.

VISHWAS ensures that we stand by our values, in all our global locations. Knowledge, commitment, proactivity, and professionalism are not just words but the principles that comprise our identity that once implanted in the marketplace will allow us to become an essential part of our customers ‘value chain.

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